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Have you or someone you know lost your dog? Although it’s very stressful and scary, try not to panic. Keeping a cool head will give you the best chance of finding your furry friend. So, take a deep breath and follow these steps to help you find your lost dog.

How Can I Find My Lost Dog?

First things first: retrace your steps to find your lost dog. Go back to all the places you’ve just been and/or usually go with your dog. Your pooch isn’t likely to have gone far; they probably just sniffed something interesting and wandered off to investigate. Once they realize you’re gone, they’ll try to return to somewhere they know. Dogs are creatures of habit, after all. And most lost dogs are found within a two-mile radius of where they went missing.

Enlist the help of friends, family, and neighbors. Ask someone to stay at your house in case your lost dog goes back there. The rest of you spread out and canvas the neighborhood. Visit your local dog park and walk the paths you usually take with your pooch. Take some treats with you as well as your dog’s favorite squeaky toy, and call out their name loudly and clearly as you go.

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How Do I Get My Lost Dog Back?

Next, it’s important to alert your local rescue shelters, vets, and police station as soon as possible after you realize your dog is lost. They can help keep an eye out and contact you immediately if anyone brings your lost dog in. Provide them with as much information as you can think of: a recent photo of your lost dog; details of your dog’s collar or harness; interesting markings in your dog’s fur; the name your lost dog responds to best; whether or not your dog is chipped; etc.

How Do I Post About a Lost Dog on Facebook?

Finally, your best tool is already in your hand! The whole world is on social media these days, so creating a virtual “lost dog” poster is the best way to get the word out quickly. Use a recent photo and present the important information in a clear, concise manner. You will want to include: your name and phone number; your dog’s name, breed (if known), size, and weight; the place your dog was last seen. Consider offering a reward for finding your lost dog to encourage people to help you look. 

Ask your family and friends to repost your lost dog post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Use Boost by Pet Alert to help maximize the visibility of your lost dog post on Facebook. This system targets people who live in the neighborhood where your pet was lost, so even people who don’t follow you will see your lost dog ad.

Above all, be patient and stay hopeful and alert. Good luck! We hope you and your best friend are back together again soon 🐶