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Have you found a dog that seems lost? Lucky them! You’re clearly someone who wants to help. Check out our tips below to help you reunite the lost dog with its owner.

What Can I Do if I Find a Lost Dog?

If you think you’ve found a lost dog, be sure to approach it carefully. Don’t grab for the dog or make any sudden movements. In all likelihood, the lost dog is already very scared and the last thing you want to do is scare it away. Approach the lost dog slowly and carefully, paying close attention to its body language. You can make a scared dog feel more comfortable and relaxed by keeping your body turned to the side and looking away to appear less intimidating. If the dog seems okay with your presence, squat down next to it, open out a hand and let it sniff you. Only reach for the lost dog’s collar once you’ve established that it’s happy to have you near.

Now that you have it in hand, keep the lost dog safe and try not to let it run away again. Find something you can use as a makeshift leash. Decide whether you want to take the dog home with you while you try to contact the owner, or look for a nearby animal shelter to take it to. Either way, we don’t recommend that you let the lost dog interact with your own pets until it has seen a vet.

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Can You Track a Lost Dog with a Microchip?

First, check the lost dog’s collar for a tag with the owner’s contact information. Hopefully, this is the end of the road for you and your new friend. If the contact info is clear and up to date, you should have the lost dog back with its owner in no time!

If the lost dog is found without a collar, or you don’t succeed in contacting the owner, it’s important to alert your local animal rescue shelters, vets, and police station as soon as possible after you find the lost dog. A vet will be able to scan the lost dog for a microchip, which contains a unique code with the dog’s details and may be able to help you find its owner.

How Do I Post About a Lost Dog on Social Media?

If you’re still having no luck, try making a virtual “dog found” poster to get the word out. Take a photo of the lost dog and post it alongside important information, such as your name and phone number, a description of the dog, and the location where you found the dog. Upload your “dog found” poster to your social media accounts.

Additionally, Boost by Pet Alert is a great tool that can help you boost the visibility of your dog found bulletin on Facebook. It widens your circle exponentially by targeting people who live in the neighborhood where you found the dog.