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Usually, dogs don’t run away to intentionally leave you. But some dogs, especially hunting dogs like the Beagle, are more prone to escaping than others. Find out why below.

Why Do Dogs Try To Escape?

There are a few main reasons why dogs tend to run away, especially while you’re out and about. If you’re walking in the woods, for example, and you let your pooch off the leash, it may wander off simply because it’s sniffed an intriguing scent. Some dogs have a very inquisitive nature! On the other hand, maybe your dog has spotted a potential mate and gone to make friends. Always keep a close eye on your pooch when off-leash. Additionally, don’t let your dog off the leash unless you’re certain it’ll come back when called.

If your dog escapes from the backyard, the reason why can seem more puzzling at first glance. Why would a dog escape if it has everything it needs at home? Unfortunately, the answer is that your dog might not actually have everything it needs. Have you accidentally left your pooch alone a little too long at the end of the garden? Has your dog run out of toys to play with? Left alone too long, all dogs are at risk of developing anxiety and even depression. Perhaps your furry friend was feeling bored and frustrated and has gone off in search of fun elsewhere. To prevent this, pay close attention to your dog’s behavior and be sure to spend more quality time with your pooch if you notice any troubling signs.

Finally, dogs sometimes run away because they feel scared. If there are loud noises in the area, like fireworks or a thunderstorm, your dog may try to hide. In fact, 20% of all dogs who go missing disappear for this reason.

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What Do I Do If My Dog Has Escaped?

Once you realize your dog has escaped, try to figure out why. This could be the key to where your pooch has gone. A dog who has simply wandered off on a walk will generally try to find its way back to you. But a dog who has run off in fear will have likely gone somewhere to hide, such as underneath the furniture at the end of the garden or into the woods to avoid human contact.

Enlist the help of friends, family, and neighbors and canvas your neighborhood. Also, alert your local rescue shelter, veterinary clinic, and police station about your lost dog. They can help keep an eye out and contact you immediately if anyone brings your lost dog in. Finally, create a virtual “lost dog” poster and share it to all your social media accounts to get the word out quickly. Use Boost by Pet Alert to boost the visibility of your lost dog poster on Facebook. This fabulous tool specifically targets people within 6 miles of your area, which greatly increases the chances of you being reunited with your pup. Good luck!